Associate Pastor

Rock Family Church

4005 Lee Vance Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


We are looking for a pastor with strong leadership skills who genuinely loves people and has a heart to serve the local church and the community. They must be an excellent teacher and creative communicator with great people and organizational skills. They need to be outreach/community-focused.

This position has been filled


On June 6th, 2004, 52 people gathered at Mountain View Elementary School to give birth
to Rock Family Church along with the founding pastors, Dean and Kim Hawk. That same
evening, they held their first youth service with 25 students! Dean and Kim attracted
families that mirrored their own family of three teenagers at the time. The church began to
grow and within the first year a full-time youth pastor was hired and the church relocated
to a leased building near Garden of the Gods and I-25 where they grew to several hundred

In 2008, Rock was on the move again and relocated to the Family Fun
Center which was 150,000 square feet. The church also leased permanent office space and
was portable as they set up and tore down every Sunday around other events hosted in
the building. In 2011, God spoke very clearly to Pastor Dean and said, “It’s time for Rock
Family to have a permanent home and be permanently planted in the city.” The search for
a new home began. The board of directors looked at and considered at least 15 different
locations throughout the year. In December 2011, they looked at a Methodist Contemporary
Church Campus located at 4005 Lee Vance Dr. that was for sale. Unable to take the leap
to purchase the 72,000-square-foot building, Rock leadership negotiated a lease/purchase
agreement and they took possession of the building on January 1st, 2012.

The building was built in 1985 and was first used by Current Publishing, with several other
businesses using the space later on. In 2013, the members of RFC rallied to raise the down
payment, and financing was secured to purchase the building for $2.8M in June of
2013. They inherited multiple tenants that were leasing portions of the building which
helped RFC with their initial mortgage payments. Over the next few years, Rock’s
attendance doubled in size to over 1,000 in weekly attendance. The church is located on a
major east/west thoroughfare making it a prime location. As tenants’ leases expired, they
expanded the church into the vacated spaces.

Today, Rock Family Church is a thriving and growing church family that is passionate about
reaching the lost and serving their community well. These folks like to laugh and have a lot
of fun while doing it!


Vision: Impacting every ONE with the love of Jesus Christ.
Mission: To introduce people to the LOVE of Jesus Christ, bring life to their family relationships, teach them the liberty of a committed life and walk with God, and create a legacy of hope for generations to come.


  • REACH – Intentionally connect with those beyond our church walls
  • BELONG – A place to call home and a spiritual family to share life with
  • PARTNER – Invest financially to transform the lives of children, teenagers, and adults
  • SERVE – Become a ROCKSTAR volunteer as you cross the white line on the field and leverage your gifts and talents to make us a better team
  • GROW – Take your walk with God to the next level through daily devotions, attending church weekly, and connecting in a Rock Small Group
  • PRAY – Unite in the power of prayer and expect the authentic power and presence of God every time we gather



We are looking for a pastor with strong leadership skills who genuinely loves people and has a heart to serve the local church and the community. They must be an excellent teacher and creative communicator with great people and organizational skills. They need to be outreach/community-focused.


  • Humble
  • Loves people
  • Teachable
  • Personable
  • Learner
  • Reader (preferred)
  • Confident leader
  • Disciplined
  • Good communicator


  • Love: A genuine love for God and His people
  • A Team Player: You enjoy the camaraderie of doing life and ministry with others
  • Humble Servant: You desire to exalt and serve others rather than be served
  • Self-Controlled: You are self-disciplined and self-motivated to maintain personal excellence in spirit, soul, and body
  • Proactive: You see what needs to be done and take the initiative to accomplish the task
  • Developer/Recruiter: Ability to coach, train, and deploy people (staff and volunteers)
  • Strategic thinker: Ability to think outside of the box and develop a strategy to accomplish goals and tasks
  • Creative: Always looking for new and inspired ways to reach and minister to people with creative and fresh ideas
  • Disciplined: You are punctual, a person of your word, and complete assigned tasks on time
  • Organized: You function by a calendar and a daily task list
  • Learner: Committed to growing yourself through reading the Bible, and books, listening to podcasts, and sharpening yourself through relationships
  • Baptized with the Holy Spirit: Our church embraces the baptism of the pppppppppppp=-Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as found in the Book of Acts chapter 2 and 1 Corinthians 14
  • Lifestyle: Live a life that exemplifies the character and attributes of Jesus Christ recognizing you are a person of high visibility and influence
  • Faith and Prayer: You unite your faith with ours to pray and ask God to help find his lost kids, bring provision to fulfill the vision, and for the Holy Spirit and power to freely flow in our services and outreaches


  • Serve as a member of the executive team that influences the direction and focus of the Lead Team, church staff, leadership, and church family
  • Collaborate with the lead pastor in designing sermon themes, series, and messages, while also serving as a teaching pastor in a consistent rhythm at weekend services
  • Define strategic goals and action plans for staff coordination in the execution of the church’s mission and vision
  • Oversee and develop the small group ministry of RFC
  • Coordinate and lead staff meetings in partnership with the Lead Pastor
  • Provide leadership development training and activities for staff and key Rock leaders, designed to clarify and execute Rock’s goals and objectives
  • Ensure staffing, facilities, and programs are appropriately and effectively aligned to best meet strategic goals
  • Lead, evaluate, mentor, and provide coaching to the staff including periodically evaluating appropriate changes to the organizational structure
  • Oversee and direct the pastoral care of the RFC family (counseling, weddings, funerals, hospital visits, missing member follow-up, etc)



Colorado Springs is one of the most amazing places to live and raise a family. We are regularly chosen as one of the top cities in the US to live in. We have more days of sunshine than Florida with amazing mountain views, plenty of hiking and bike trails, and snow skiing within two hours away.

A misconception is Colorado is covered in snow from November to April. When the fact is here on the Front Range of the Rockies, we have year-round enjoyable weather other than the occasional snowstorm that quickly melts away a day or two after it arrives. We have tons of restaurants, shops, fun tourist attractions, and great schools along with an authentic family vibe throughout the community.