Worship Pastor

Renovation Church

325 Maple St, Gallatin, TN


Renovation Church is looking for a hungry leader. Someone hungry to go after the heart of the Father, to lead the church in worship, to lead a team, and to advance the gospel.

This position has been filled


In January 2019, Pastor Kody and Jessica Woodard announced that they would be starting
Renovation Church in Gallatin, TN, just 30 minutes northeast of Nashville. Pastor Kody and Jessica are
Nashville natives and have lived in Gallatin for 10 years. Pastor Kody formally served as a Youth Pastor and
Campus Director at a multi-site church in Nashville. While living in Gallatin, he saw the huge need for a new
life-giving church in Gallatin that was passionate about reaching young families who were far from God.
As they began to build their launch team and look for a space to launch their church, they were
connected with a church that allowed them to host a preview service on a Sunday night. Little did they
know, that a few people from that church would come to hear the vision of Renovation Church that
night. Two weeks later, PK received a phone call from the pastor of that church, Steve Brigance.
As they sat down to talk Pastor Steve informed PK that he had previously retired two years prior
and had been praying for God to send a leader who could serve the city. He then proceeded to tell
PK that he believed that he was the pastor he had been praying for. Pastor Steve said the church
believed the best thing they could do was to GIVE them their building, which was paid off. On Father’s
Day in 2019, Pastor Steve had his church take a vote to close their church, giving it to Renovation and
then invited everyone to be part of it. To this day, Pastor Steve and his entire family, not only attend
Renovation but serve consistently. Pastor Steve now serves as one of the overseers of
Renovation Church.

Over the next few months, the launch team gathered and renovated the entire building inside and
out. On October 20th, 2019, Renovation launched with nearly 500 people in attendance. After
navigating through COVID-19 for the first year as a church, Renovation outgrew the current
church building. In the summer of 2023, as they anticipated adding a fifth service, Renovation
was approved to go portable and move their weekend services to Gallatin High School to reach more

This Easter, Renovation had over 1,600 people in attendance across four services. They have seen
nearly 1,000 people give their lives to Christ and 300 people get baptized over the last four and a
half years. For over two years, there have been people making decisions to follow Jesus every single
week. They aren’t just praying for a revival, they are living in the middle of one. As of now,
Renovation plans to use their previous building as a headquarters for the youth ministry, and office
spaces, and plans to eventually launch a counseling center soon. They have purchased 12 and a half
acres of property, where they will soon build a 40,000-square-foot facility for phase one of a two-phase
project. The new facility has a direct entrance on the main highway as soon as you cross over
the bridge and enter the city. This uniquely positions the church to be “like a city on a hill that
cannot be hidden.”


VISION: To lead people to Follow Jesus, Find
Community, Discover Purpose, and Make A Difference
MISSION: To reach people, who are far from God, with the life giving message of Jesus.


  • Jesus is our Message
  • People are our Passion
  • Servant Leadership is our Identity
  • Generosity is our Privilege
  • Excellence is our Spirit
  • Creativity is our Approach
  • Life Change is our Goal


Renovation Church is looking for a hungry leader. Someone hungry to go
after the heart of the Father, to lead the church in worship, to
lead a team, and to advance the gospel.


  • Team Builder
  • Servant Leader
  • Talented Singer
  • Self-Starter
  • Humble
  • Hungry
  • Spiritual Leader
  • Team Builder
  • Skilled Musician
  • High Potential
  • Anointed


  • Lead all weekend worship services
  • Build a healthy and spirit-led worship culture
  • Be the visionary for Renovation Worship
  • Plan, schedule, program, and execute the weekend worship services (set list, PCO, tracks, etc)
  • Oversee all communication for the worship team
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple the volunteers and team members on the worship team
  • Oversee the load in and load out teams for weekend services
  • Write songs for worship


Gallatin is located about 30 minutes northeast of Nashville, one of the
fastest-growing cities in the nation. Gallatin is projected to grow from 50k
to 150k people within the next five to ten years. This is a city with plenty of
small-town charm and Southern hospitality. People are moving from all
over the world to our city, which means we have the opportunity to reach
the world right here in Gallatin.

Gallatin offers exceptional education and is known to be a safe, quiet, and
friendly place to live. If you love being outdoors, there are plenty of parks
near the waterfront of the Cumberland River. You can also visit Old
Hickory Lake for a picnic or a fun family outing! If you’re looking for
delicious barbeque, there is plenty of good food to go around. This is a
city with plenty of small-town charm and Southern hospitality.