Worship and Creative Pastor

Cross Mountain Church

San Antonio, Texas


The Cross Mountain Worship and Creative Pastor serves the ministries of Cross Mountain Church through various connecting, growing and serving experiences. They will have oversight over worship, creative, and communications within the church.

This position has been filled


Cross Mountain Church started in 1997 in Leon Springs, a community on the
outskirts of San Antonio, on January 12 by Pastor Jerry McNeill and Pastor Gary
Adams. It was a cold, icy day – but still over 100 people showed up for the first
service in Leon Springs Elementary. Cross Mountain would spend the next several
years moving from location to location, looking for a permanent place to call
home. In July of 2002, Cross Mountain purchased the land where the church is currently
located and started meeting in a red and white round tent on that property. In
October of that same year, Pastor Randy and Kelli Ayres moved their family to San
Antonio and started pastoring Cross Mountain. At that time there were about 35
adults attending Sunday services in the tent.In spite of the obstacles, by 2004 Cross Mountain grew to nearly 200 people while
meeting in the tent. In October of that year, they moved into a small auditorium in
the middle of their property. With God’s hand and favor on the church, CMC
continued to grow and impact the community.
Due to steady growth over the years, Cross Mountain continued to develop its
campus and built a new auditorium in 2013 that was larger and that could meet
the needs of the growth of the congregation. In addition to campus growth, this
season also saw a lot of staff growth as new staff was added to the team.
With continued growth and a vision to have an even bigger impact on the
community, Cross Mountain finished construction on a new Kids and Students
Facility called the HUB in 2021. With 32,000 square feet, an indoor sports court
and state of the art amenities, Cross Mountain was positioned for an incredible
future. Then in 2022, Cross Mountain celebrated its 25 year anniversary while

Pastor Randy and Kelli celebrated their 20 year mark as the pastors of this life-
giving church.

Today, Cross Mountain is a thriving, life-giving congregation in position for an
incredible future.




  • Jesus is our message
  • People are our heart
  • Generosity is our privilege
  • Excellence is our pursuit
  • Servant leadership is our identity
  • Honor is our calling
  • Passion is our spirit


The Cross Mountain Worship and Creative Pastor
serves the ministries of Cross Mountain Church
through various connecting, growing and serving
experiences. They will have oversight over worship,
creative, and communications within the church.


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Fun to be around
  • High energy
  • Skilled and trained musically



  • Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ
  • Recruit, build, develop, and schedule necessary teams to carry out worship
  • Plan the corporate worship services in consultation with the Senior Pastor
    through prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness
  • Ensure that all the musical and technical aspects of the service advance service themes
  • Oversee song, media preparation and presentation, sound and lighting enhancements, and coordination of all instrumentalists and vocalists
  • Direct all weekly activities and rehearsals necessary to facilitate worship in services
  • Provide pastoral care for the worship team members
  • Plan major seasonal services two to three times per year. Find and plan other ways to use music and drama to reach out to the community
  • Oversee the worship department budget and expenses
  • Build contacts and relationships with local musicians for staffing and volunteering purposes
  • Set annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with our vision and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year
  • Work with ministry and department directors to provide first-class worship experiences in all ministries at Cross Mountain Church
  • Develop, implement, and coordinate a process to develop new musicians and vocalists, preparing them for the CMC Worship Team


  • Oversee the Communications Director
  • Ensure that doable, sustainable, and reproducible systems for all communication needs and requirements are being created and followed
  • Help develop a multi-channel communications strategy driven by the church’s mission, vision, and values
  • Strategize and plan communications and marketing six to twelve months in advance with Communications Director
  • Follow up with Communications Director as they partner with ministries; meeting them and creating communications plans to generate audience response
  • Confirm that high-quality and high-impact communications reach both internal and external audiences
  • Advocate for creative and clear communications in all settings
  • Capture and share stories of impact and life change
  • Measure and report engagement across various platforms


  • Oversee the creative team
  • Plan strategically with creative team to create elements for the service
  • Ensure all creative elements (video, graphics, lighting, stage design, etc.) work together cohesively
  • Participate in planning meetings for video script writing
  • Conceptualize ideas with creative team to brand sermon series and create marketing material, new designs, layouts, logos, and more


  • Care for the people of the church and its facilities as a part of the body and not just as an employee of an organization
  • Pray for the ministry partners and follow up on prayer needs of ministry partners on an as needed basis
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, results-driven, and high-accountability work environment
  • Build a team of volunteers and manage the spiritual, technical, tactical, and numerical growth as well as the health and development of the team
  • Be fully engaged into the culture of Cross Mountain Church by volunteering and serving
  • Must live within a 10 mile radius of the Cross Mountain campus


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