Director of Ministries and Operations

Lake Norman Baptist Church

7921 Sam Furr Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078


The Director of Ministries and Operations will serve as the number two leader alongside the Lead Pastor. He or she will be responsible for implementing the vision and strategic plan, overseeing all departments, and ensuring the missional alignment of all church efforts.


Lake Norman Baptist (LNB, LKN Baptist) was planted in 1980 as a mission of First Baptist Huntersville. It
began in a small facility on the lake and moved to its current location in 1983. In the first two decades, the
church steadily grew to around 400 members, expanded the facility, and became established as a visible
presence in the heart of a growing community.

From 2000-2010, LNB experienced a great season of vitality and expanding impact. Weekly attendance
grew to 1,000 people and the campus was expanded twice to create additional ministry capacity. The
community of Lake Norman (LKN) was also booming, nearly doubling in population and rapidly changing
from a farming community north of Charlotte to a modern suburb with a lakeside vibe.
The following decade presented new challenges for LKN Baptist. The community was changing fast, and
leadership struggled to adjust to the dynamics of a larger congregation and a community that was
becoming less traditional Bible-belt and more religiously, culturally, and ethnically diverse. By 2021, weekly
attendance had declined to around 250, and the senior pastor of 24 years retired. In the last few years of his
ministry, an elder council was formed to help address the church’s challenges and provide new leadership
toward a revitalized future.

In 2022, LNB called a new lead pastor and began a season of new beginnings. The elders, staff, key leaders,
and the congregation started building a fresh, outward-focused vision for re-engaging the community with
the love of Jesus. They took a fresh look at the current demographics of LKN, the most pressing needs of
individuals and families, and opportunities for the church to establish a new relationship with the community.
They also studied the outward-focused ministry of Jesus and introduced new mission and vision language
reflecting the ways Jesus met needs and made disciples.

In February 2023, a new mission and vision were introduced under the banner of “For Lake
Norman” (4LKN), along with a three-year strategic focus. Over the year, they took early steps in establishing
the new vision and began making plans for major ministry and campus investments in 2024-26.
In February 2024, they took another step forward by introducing a vision campaign to accelerate ministry
impact and fund the needed investments in outreach, discipleship, and infrastructure.
In the last two years, weekly attendance has grown to around 400 with many new young families in
particular. The LNB family is experiencing new health, energy, and a missional focus.



Bringing healing, connection, and purpose to people all
around Lake Norman through the love of Jesus.


To see people in the communities of Lake Norman:

  • GETTING HEALTHIER by overcoming mental, emotional, and
    physical challenges on their way to discovering spiritual health by
    receiving the love of Jesus
  • GETTING BETTER CONNECTED to their families, friends, and
    community as they find a connection with God through following
  • FINDING THEIR PURPOSE by discovering and embracing their
    unique identity, abilities, opportunities, and calling as people
    created to show God’s love to others
  • POINTING TO THE LOVE OF JESUS as they experience the
    healing, connection, and purpose he came to bring


The Director of Ministries and Operations will serve as
the number two leader alongside the Lead Pastor. He or
she will be responsible for implementing the vision and
strategic plan, overseeing all departments, and ensuring
the missional alignment of all church efforts.


  • Lead the ministry, operations, and communications departments in
    the effective pursuit of the mission, vision, and goals
  • Develop a healthy and capable staff team by providing clear and
    steady direction, support, and accountability
  • Drive strategic initiatives that promote the church and staff health
    and ministry effectiveness (e.g. staff and volunteer development,
    capital campaigns, new systems and processes, etc)
  • Work with the staff and finance team to align the annual budget
    with the strategic plan, and ensure the short and long-term financial
    health of the church
  • Continually identify, and resolve issues that pose a threat to the
    health of the church or the impact of the mission and vision


  • Mission-minded
  • Proactive
  • Creative
  • Action-oriented
  • Problem solver
  • Consistently and timely with following up with leaders
  • Willing
  • Focused on others
  • Leads by example
  • Positive and has a good attitude
  • Able to bring ideas to the table
  • Patient listener
  • Team player
  • Loves people and God genuinely
  • Has a heart for ministry
  • Appropriately vulnerable and transparent
  • Characterized by grace and truth
  • Leader
  • Integrator
  • Problem-solver
  • Facilitator
  • Recruiter
  • Developer
  • Team-builder
  • Strategic planner
  • Intuitive
  • Vision-driven

Lake Norman, NC

Settled on the shoreline of the beautiful Lake Norman, our lake
towns offer the perfect opportunity for both visitors and
newcomers to enjoy the calm, lakeside lifestyle of Cornelius and
Mooresville, the small-town college charm of Davidson, and the
liveliness of Huntersville with its abundant shopping and
recreational facilities. Several more small towns can be found
around Lake Norman as there are four counties that encompass
the 520 miles of shoreline including Iredell County, Catawba
County, Mecklenburg County, and Lincoln County.
Lake Norman, located just outside of Charlotte, provides
residents in the area with a traditional setting with plenty of
room for growth. The lake is home to the land where the
Catawba Indians once walked, and the early European settlers
made their stand. Today, it is home to vibrant business parks
and retail centers. New neighborhoods have emerged, and
families have relocated to the region, making Lake Norman one
of the fastest-growing areas in the country!