Associate/Worship Pastor

Nassau Christian Center

Princeton, New Jersey


The associate/worship pastor will oversee pastoral duties including leading ministries, providing spiritual guidance, preaching, teaching, and leading the congregation. They will also oversee worship and services to ensure that they are spiritually enriching and aligned with the church's beliefs and mission.

This position has been filled


In 1978, a group of dedicated individuals led by founding Pastor Jesse Owens came together wi th a shared dream and a common purpose. They felt a calling to create a place of worship for the people of Princeton called Nassau Christian Center. With unwavering faith and determination, 27 people embarked on a journey to establish a church that would serve as a beacon of hope and love in Princeton, NJ.The founders of the church were a diverse group, each bringing their unique strengths and experiences to the table. Some were long-time residents of Princeton, deeply rooted in the community, while others were newcomers eager to contribute to the town’s spiritual landscape. Together, they embarked on a mission to build a place where people could come together to worship, find solace, and work towards making the name of Jesus known in the community.God divinely opened the door for the purchase of a church building built in 1868. The building is located in the heart of Princeton directly across from Princeton University. The church became a symbol of hope and promise for the people of Princeton.Over the years, the chur ch became an integral part of the community. As the years passed, the church continued to grow and evolve. The church is still in the same location t hat it originally started in. After Pastor Jesse, there were two other Lead Pastors until t he current Pastor David Lehmann came with his family to NCC seven years ago. Through the decades, Nassau Christian Center has remained a symbol of hope, unity, and co mmunity. It weathered challenges and changes, adapting to the evolving needs of its congregation and the town it serves. It is culturally diverse representing many nations of the world. Nassau Christian Center desires to be a church that represents heaven. The church is strategically located to r each not only people in Princeton but around the world. It continues to shine as a beacon of faith, welcoming all who seek solace, guidance, and the warmth of a loving community. Doing this all by lifting up Jesus and making him known.


VISION: To reach the hurting and lost for Jesus in Princeton and surrounding areas. To make His name known to the nations
MISSION:To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ; who in turn touch the world for Him.


  • Love God
  • Love the Church
  • Love the City
  • Love the Nations


  • Pastor
  • Communicator
  • Spiritual
  • Musical
  • Public Speaker
  • Collaborator
  • Flexible
  • Singer
  • Accountable
  • Mentor


The associate/worship pastor will oversee pastoral duties including leading ministries, providing spiritual guidance, preaching, teaching, and leading the congregation. They will also oversee worship and services to ensure that they are spiritually enriching and aligned with the church’s beliefs and mission.


  • Strong personal faith and spiritual maturity
  • Deep understanding of religious doctrine and a commitment to their faith
  • Strong Biblical knowledge
  • Drive
  • Self starting
  • Compassionate
  • Adaptable
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • High integrity
  • Team worker
  • Continual desire to learn
  • Team builder
  • Recruiter


  • Provide spiritual leadership and guidance to the congregation under the direction of the Lead Pastor
  • Plan and lead worship services, including selecting music, arranging worship sets, and coordinating with musicians and vocalists
  • Foster an atmosphere of spiritual worship and engagement during services
  • Direct and oversee the music ministry, including recruiting, training, and scheduling musicians and vocalists
  • Ensure the musical elements of worship are of high quality and align with the church’s vision
  • Collaborate with the Lead Pastor and other ministry leaders to ensure services align with the overall vision and goals of the church
  • Work closely with other staff members to coordinate schedules and resources
  • Offer pastoral care and support to members of the congregation, particularly those involved in the worship ministry
  • Pray with and counsel individuals
  • Lead or assist in teaching and discipleship programs, such as Bible studies or small groups
  • Help nurture the spiritual growth of the congregation
  • Handle administrative tasks related to the ministry, such as budget management, scheduling, and maintaining equipment and resources
  • Encourage involvement in the church’s outreach and community engagement efforts
  • Foster a sense of community and belonging among congregation members
  • Stay current with worship trends and technologies, incorporating fresh and creative elements into worship services when appropriate
  • Invest in the personal and professional development of those on ministry teams, helping them grow in their musical and spiritual abilities
  • Provide spiritual and emotional support during times of crisis within the congregation or the community


Princeton, New Jersey, is a charming town that effortlessly combines academic prestige with small-town charm. Nestled in the heart of the Garden State, Princeton is renowned worldwide for its prestigious Ivy League university, Princeton University, which boasts a rich history and a stunning campus adorned with Gothic architecture. Beyond its academic excellence, Princeton offers a delightful blend of cultural richness, picturesque landscapes, and a vibrant community. Strolling through the tree-lined streets, one encounters a vibrant arts scene, including the renowned McCarter Theatre, numerous art galleries, and music festivals that infuse the town with creativity. The downtown area exudes a classic Americana vibe with boutique shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants serving diverse cuisines. Princeton’s commitment to education, culture, and community creates an atmosphere that’s both intellectually stimulating and inviting, making it a truly captivating destination for residents and visitors alike.